About Us

Dr. Steve Woods founded Workforce Metrics in 2001 to primarily meet the needs of small and medium ventures to help them achieve increased throughput, lower costs, higher profits, and greater market share. In light of his broad experience in many industries and sectors, he chose to offer services to a wide variety of businesses. To date Steve and his colleagues have worked successfully with firms in aerospace and information technology industries, as well as owners of residential cleaning services and restaurants. 


Given the mission of Workforce Metrics, Steve structured the firm in the classic ‘professional organization’ model with its members, or ‘colleagues’ as independent experts and thought-leaders who share knowledge and resources on a project basis.


Our arrangement is simple – we freely collaborate and share what we have learned with each other to craft the most effective solutions for our client. When we have solved the problem to bring lasting value to our client, we move on independently to other projects and assignments.


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