Dr. Steve Woods

Dr. Steve Woods founded Workforce Metrics in 2001 bringing 40 years experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, and professor of management and entrepreneurship to his passion for helping small and medium sized organizations grow and prosper. Steve understands our rapidly changing knowledge-based economy and that business leaders need to ‘learn it today, use it tomorrow’. He also understands that new knowledge, skills and abilities are best achieved through the process of ‘knowing, doing, being’, a proven pedagogy perfected at West Point. His practical, focused approach has helped many dozens of organizations to increase profits and reduce expenses.


For example, a local bank, formerly a credit union, approached Dr. Woods to help it grow in a market with a terrific opportunity for expansion. Despite this fact, the CEO explained that the staff was having a difficult time making the transition into the highly competitive, fast paced world of commercial banking. Together, Steve and the CEO forged a comprehensive plan to improve leadership & management, operations, sales & marketing, administration, and human resources. With some effort, the plan received buy-in from the board of directors and eventually all of the senior staff. 


Over the next three years the bank quadrupled in size and deposits, cut turnover from 39% to 7% saving millions in training costs, was awarded "Maryland’s Most Distinguished Small Business", and was then acquired by a regional bank providing shareholders with a handsome return on their investment.


In addition to his consulting, Dr. Woods accepted an invitation in 2007 to be a visiting professor at the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business. Steve reports that he stays very current by teaching operations management, entrepreneurship, global management, organizational behavior, introductory  management, and human resource management. He has also served as MSB’s faculty advisor for management-related internships, and faculty advisor for UB’s Established Leaders Certification Program. Other part-time teaching assignments include being Baltimore’s Instructor 2008 - 2010 for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Emerging 200 program to help owners develop business-growth plans for their established urban enterprises.


Dr. Woods holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Arts in clinical psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in developmental psychology. His research interests include correlations between personality traits and  adoption of new information technologies.


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