Crisis Leadership


Traditional risk management has too
long ignored the human factor – personality, emotion, motivational and group dynamics, etc. which were clearly evident in recent industrial disasters, and too many others in the past. I have developed
a hybrid model for crisis leadership, a distinctly different approach than crisis or risk management.


The Model for Assessing and Implementing Adaptive Operations (MAIAO) provides a systemic organizational response to critical, destructive, and disruptive non-routine events. The MAIAO provides a practical vehicle for identifying and connecting the relationships between variables, ‘signals’ that suggest a potential impact toward operational failure.


The MAIAO is designed to counter a lack of contingency planning and the creation of strategies to manage destructive operational disruptions. The MAIAO identifies strategic steps that ensure a planned, systemic approach to the management of destructive disruption. Unlike previous models of crisis leadership, the MAIAO addresses how leaders influence the situation most effectively when the human and technical systems ‘go critical’. To discuss adaption of the MAIAO in your organization, contact Dr. Steve Woods at 301-874-2132 or email him at

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