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Rigorous research and our experience consistently concludes that above average and top performance are predicted when there is strong person-job fit, and that scientifically valid and reliable personality tests can objectively measure a person’s fit to given job or occupation. The research is so established that it is discussed in the textbooks of undergraduate business students. Additionally, for thirteen years the U.S. Department of Labor has recommended all businesses use employment assessments in their hiring process (to get your copy of the DOL guide, please see ‘Employer Resources’ in Knowledge Resources).


For over a decade, Workforce Metrics has provided its Strategic Hiring System™ which is based on research and recommended business best-practices to quickly assist organizations in improving their hiring decisions. Expect dramatic drops in turnover, ROIs easily in the hundreds, and a more productive, pleasant working environment.


Consider this recent research from the Towers Watson consulting group on how candidates rank factors of job/employer attraction versus what retains them:






Base pay / Salary

Base pay / Salary


Job security

Career advancement opportunities


Career advancement opportunities

Relationship with supervisor / manager


Convenient work location

Trust / confidence in senior leadership


Learning and development opportunities

Manage / limit work-related stress

Adapted from Top Five Global Drivers of Attraction, Retention and Sustainable Engagement, Towers Watson 2012 Global Workforce Study At A Glance.


We provide this research summary from one of the most respected experts on employee retention and engagement to drive home a point: real employee retention programs are not plaques, reserved parking spaces, and gift cards. Recognition and retention are two very different things.


Improving the retention of those top performing employees you hired using your Strategic Hiring System™ starts with thorough study of why people leave (voluntarily or otherwise), the costs involved, the involvement of system recommendations from representatives of the employee hierarchy, calculation of the ROI of improved retention, and the candid examination of how people are managed and led and what must change. Yes, it is hard work, and the potential rewards are enormous.


To discuss your hiring and retention needs, please contact Dr. Steve Woods at 301—874-2132 or email him at steve@workforcemetrics.com.

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