Enterprise-Growth Planning

Data analyzed from the U.S. Census Bureau and Small Business Administration reveals that only half of new firms survive to the five-year mark. Only a third of all new ventures celebrate their 10-year anniversary. The reasons for failure are as complex and unique as the businesses themselves.


Workforce Metrics provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a team of business experts to assist in developing a two-year growth plan specific to their unique organization and market. The Enterprise-Growth Plan is an intense, holistic, and individualized consultation examining:


  • Leadership & Management – all the ‘people issues’ and the factors that accelerate or inhibit your organizational growth.
  • Goal Setting – creating and aligning your vision and mission statements with the products and services of the enterprise to establish and implement SMART goals.
  •  Operations – systemic improvement in the areas of process, quality, capacity, and inventory; diagnosis of the challenges and solutions to existing operations and identification of the decisions required for growth.
  •  Finance examining how your ‘numbers’ reflect financial health; identification of key metrics that monitor the growth of the enterprise and the financial metrics that lenders or other financial resources examine to assess the viability of your business.
  •  Sales and Marketing – a deep study of industry trends and forecasts; comparing and contrasting the firm with key competitors; articulation of your sustainable competitive advantage and strategies to strengthen it; establishing the attributes of a key customer profile and their contribution to customer lifetime value; evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of your marketing and sales approaches.
  •  Human Resource Systems– strategies to make the firm the employer of choice; development of recruitment and hiring systems to put the right people in the right jobs at the right time; policy and procedures that comply with Federal and state labor laws to eliminate litigation threats; recognition and reward systems that stimulate higher productivity.


To discuss your situation, contact Dr. Steve Woods at 301-874-2132 or email him at steve@workforcemetrics.com.

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