Leadership Development

Leading people is the most  difficult – and important – thing we do. Highly effective leaders defy  stereotypes of personality, gender, race and the like, but exhibit one commonality – constant examination and improvement of their leadership through an ever-evolving process. Thus, leaders are not ‘trained’, they develop.


Over the many years we have taught and coached emerging and established leaders we have found two foundational factors to be critical. First is the ability to articulate the difference between leading and managing and develop an awareness of how and when one does both in their job and unique environment. The second is articulation of the types and styles of leadership and their situational determinants – a more difficult task that often requires study and discussion to include examination of the five bases of social power.


Workforce Metrics offers beginning and seasoned leaders the opportunity to accelerate their evolution in our ‘learn it today, use it tomorrow’ approach:

  • Individualized coaching with
    action plans
  • Leadership team analysis to build
    a shared strategic approach
  • Seminars and workshops where
    participants develop a Personal Model of

To explore these highly  pragmatic solutions, please contact Dr. Steve Woods at 301-874-2132, or email  him at steve@workforcemetrics.com.

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